Dan-Paul Flores is the DF in 'CMDF' ARTIST: he is a Fine Artist and Illustrator in his own right BUT he now works closely with the Fine Artist/Writer/Photographer/Performer Chris Madoch. Together they produce joint works with the same empathy of working as practiced by Gilbert and George. They support each other without rancour and so there are works in existence which are attributable to Chris Madoch; 'CMDF' ARTIST; Dan-Paul Flores.


Chris Madoch illustrates his written works when appropriate but his prime book illustrator is Dan-Paul Flores


All the works, the fine art, the illustrations and the photographic images are currently being prepared for exibition and sale.


The preferred method of execution for Fine Art originals is mixed media on slightly boxed canvass. The favoured size is the aesthetic square 3.8 x 3.8.

Illustration and photography for sale varies greatly in both size and presentation.


All the works are appropriately signed. They are dated on the reverse. We can consider placing a buyer's attribution on the reverse.




POOL PALMS GRAN CANARIA: Fine Photograph by CM for i2i designs international.

Work Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.



For purchase and details of shipping costs please use the contact form. We would also appreciate your signing our guestbook and also, if you are a Facebook acount holder, using the Facebook like button and comment facility.


We very much hope that you enjoy your visit. CM and DPF.




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